Do You Have an Amazon Business Account? Get one here!

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The Amazon Business account isn’t very well known, even though the program is more than three years old. But now that Amazon has pretty much ironed the kinks out of the program, they are encouraging current Amazon Business members (like us) to get others to sign up new accounts.

So, why get an Amazon Business account? One of the best benefits is the ability to sign up your purchasing department to manage ordering supplies for your business. You can set the purchasers’ permissions to a level you are comfortable with (you can allow them to complete purchases or only purchase items subject to your approval).

When buying supplies and other multi-unit purchases, including inventory, Amazon Business sellers often provide discounts exclusive to business buyers, and you will have the ability to easily compare prices between several sellers to get the best deals.

If your Amazon Business account is single-user (like so many small sole proprietors), you can apply your own unlimited Prime benefits to the account. If you are a multi-user business, Prime shipping is available at a sliding scale, depending on how many users will be accessing the account. There’s also a free 30-day no obligation trial so you can see how this will work for you.

Amazon’s business services include a tool for you as the business owner to determine whether your business is eligible for tax exemption on purchases, and if so, the exemption can be automatically applied at time of purchase on your behalf.

There is an excellent business account dashboard to help you manage your business purchasing. And of course your Amazon Business account works both for buying for your business and selling – especially in bulk – to other businesses.

So, the first step to getting an Amazon Business account is a referral from an existing business. If you think this type of Amazon account would be beneficial to you, and you don’t already have an Amazon Business account, send an email to and we will submit your email address for an account. Amazon will then send you a special link to sign up for the new account. (Disclosure: we get a benefit for signing up your business account, but there is no cost to you.)

And of course, there’s the obligatory “hurry up clause.” The email address for the new business must be submitted **and registered** no later than July 31, in order to be eligible for the perks, so now is a great time to do it! Remember: there’s a 30-day approval period during which you can close your account if you don’t like it.  That email address, again is:   Do it today!