Florida Couple Gets an Unexpected Delivery from Amazon

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News about Amazon’s plans of entering the drug sales business has been around for a while already.  In fact, CNBC’s source said that it may happen just before Thanksgiving.  Okay, so Jeff Bezos now wants to be a “drug” dealer but we’re talking about prescription drugs, not the ones received by two customers in Florida.

In today’s news, we learned about this Orlando couple who placed an order on Amazon.com for 27-gallon plastic storage bins but instead, received the biggest shock of their lives.  The packaged was extremely heavy for just four empty bins and when they opened it, a strong cannabis smell greeted them.

It turns out that the storage bins contained 93.5 lbs. of marijuana and had been shipped by Amazon’s Warehouse Deals via UPS from a facility in Massachusetts.

The Police arrived and launched the investigation but the coupled feared for their lives, causing them sleepless nights.

“We were still pretty fearful our home would be broken into, and we didn’t sleep there for a few days,” said the customer.

The couple reached out to Amazon but it seems like the e-commerce giant had “no concern for the customer’s safety,” one of them said.  After more than a month of back and forth emails with Amazon’s customer service department, all they got was a $150 gift card that says “I am unable to do anything else at this time.”

For a company that is guided by four principles, in which two of them is “customer obsession and commitment to operational excellence,” that’s pretty upsetting.

But as of today, reports say that Amazon has already sent a statement saying that they are working directly with the customers to address concerns and will work with the police to investigate the case.