Free eBook, Even More Sales Tax Concerns, Amazon Redshift for Everyone, and eBook Sales Soaring

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I have a happy announcement to make today! I have published an ebook (on Amazon, of course!) entitled Making a GREAT Living with Fulfillment by Amazon: Specific Answers to 30 Questions Every Newbie Asks. And today, Sunday, February 17th, for one day only, it’s free! I do hope you will go pick up your copy with my compliments (and if you were favorably impressed, I’d love to get some reviews, if any of my readers are so inclined.)

Due to the ongoing push to have a nationwide sales tax for online purchases, this is a topic that is continually in the news. It’s very difficult for Amazon sellers to figure out what their responsibilities are, and Amazon doesn’t help. In essence, Amazon sellers are told: you must do this, but you must figure it out on your own. Thanks, Amazon – it would be nice if you would help a little bit!

All Amazon customers are now going to be able to use Amazon Redshift for analytics, integration tools and data services. Apparently this is a order of magnitude improvement in the service, and I think that’s great. While the price will be less than $1,000 per terabyte per year, this is probably still a bit out of the range of most casual users. Read about it at Amazon/Redshift.

And for those who predicted the end of reading when YouTube and podcasts came along, I think those predictions were way premature. Amazon has earned over $383 million dollars of the $859 million ebook pie in 2012. Somebody is reading all those books, and according to Good eReader, many of these people are reading their ebooks on Kindles that they bought at Amazon’s cost. Not a bad deal, though I do most of my reading on my Android tablet. I do have a Paperwhite, when I can wrest it from my husband’s deathgrip, but I really prefer the size – and the  ability to view in color –  of the Kindle app on my tablet.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!  Now, go get my eBook!

2 thoughts on “Free eBook, Even More Sales Tax Concerns, Amazon Redshift for Everyone, and eBook Sales Soaring”

  1. Hi, Mitch!

    The free ebook I have up today is about selling physical products on Amazon as a “Fulfilled by Amazon” seller. It may have information of interest to you but it’s not likely to give you the ins and outs of digital publishing.

    Did you see my video on how to upload your book to the Kindle Platform? Click on the YouTube button on the top right of this screen, and it should take you right to the top video on our YouTube channel. Now, be kind: it’s my very first screenshot video and I still have some kinks to work out on the production end, (meaning: there are hesitations and some gaps) but it should give you at least a start on how to get your book up there after you have written it.

    What questions would you ask if you were asking someone who had already published on Kindle? I can’t necessarily answer them here, but I’ll put them in a list of questions to answer in my next YouTube video!



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