Gifts For Geeks & Nerds

Do you have a lovable geek in your life? Check out these awesome gift ideas!


Plug this into any USB port and it’ll randomly move the mouse around and enter in random letters.

Glow in the dark keyboard stickers.

Add some beautiful design to your beloved nerd’s life.

This book will teach your geek how to make all sorts of cool stuff.
Rechargeable AA batteries that you can plug into your USB port to recharge.
Plug this little toy into a USB port and it shoots little foam rockets.

Keep those drinks cold while at the computer.

A laptop case made from a real old book. Different sizes available.

Get your geek some caffeinated soap. That way he’ll 1) bathe, and 2) code late into the night.

Because geeks need to eat, too.

Nerd clock FTW!

Help your geek bring about the revenge of the nerds.

Every nerd’s greatest dream come true.

Because even the cheapest Kindle is still awesome.

Really fun tiny magnets for your nerd to accidentally inhale (kidding).

This shirt glows to show you how strong the wi-fi signal is.

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