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poptartsIt’s not the end for Amazon Dash just yet.  In fact, there’s an exponential growth for the program and orders have increased 5x compared to last year.  It also got launched recently in Austria, Germany and the UK.  The significant increase in demand brought Amazon to add 60 new Dash buttons plus a new incentive!

For your first purchase, you basically get to have your Dash Button for FREE.  Yes! For Prime Members, the Dash Buttons are available for $4.99 and you will also receive a $4.99 credit to your Amazon account upon your first order.

Starting today, you will now find up to 200 brands including the newest Dash buttons such as:



Gift cards


Cheez It






Amazon Dash:  The Dash Button is a small thumb drive-like device that you stick on supported household supplies to reorder and have your favorite items delivered at your doorstep before you run out of it with just one simple press.

This innovative device is exclusive for Prime Members only (for $4.99) and supports numerous big brands such as TideSmartwater and more.