Here we go Again — Black Friday 2018

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2018 Black Friday Deals
2018 Black Friday Deals

Several years ago, my wife and I got up at the ungodly hour of 3am to make a run down to the local retail electronics store, figuring that would be early enough to beat most of the rush. Boy were we ever wrong…

Since then, Black Friday has gotten much more “over the top” despite my thinking that just was not possible.

For a while, I was hearing about “Cyber Monday” but that doesn’t seem to be as popular any more. I did a search (on DuckDuckGo) for “Cyber Monday 2018”, and the top results were for Target and J.C. Penny. Goodness — does anybody shop at either of those places any more?

I’m guessing that “Cyber Monday” will just be an afterthought for “Black Friday.”

Amazon is basically crushing it for the entire month of November anyway — last year, they bagged somewhere near one-half of all online sales for that month.

Everyone is predicting yet another blowout, and expecting Amazon’s percentage of the market to get even bigger.

If you want the absolute best deals on Black Friday, I’m guessing the same major items as last year will top the list. You will probably want to start your shopping early, though.

I was looking through last year’s best-selling list, and realized that Mrs. Amazopia and I already have all of them. However, we still plan to get one of the newer models of the Instant Pot. That has been the one item in our kitchen with the most use, and Mrs. Amazopia wants the newer Multi-pot 10-in-1. ($100) Yes, she wants the top-of-the-line (She claims I “made her do it”). If you want an Instant Pot, and would like a bigger one — but don’t feel the need for the extra features, there is the 8 Qt 7-in-1 for about the same price.

The other items on the list were the Amazon Echo Dot (now in a newer version for $24), the Fire TV Stick with Alexa (still a best-seller at $25), and the TP-Link Smart Plug ($44 for a 2-pack — I got 4 total, and deployed them in places that were hard to reach).

We won’t be getting another Dot, since we have 4 of them already, and Amazon only allows four names for them (Alexa, Amazon, Echo, and Computer). We’ve already got 2 Fire TV Sticks, so we won’t be getting any more of those, either.

Going further down the list, I found one item that was a big seller last year that I don’t already have, and I might not get it this year, either. I’m somewhat afraid of what I might find out from the 23andMe DNA test… This year’s price is $200.

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