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I freaking love my Kindle. I take it around the house with me, including to the kitchen table. The problem is that when it’s lying flat on the table, 1) there’s a glare from the light above the table, and 2) I have to strain my neck over my bowl of oatmeal to read it. A stand would solve the problem, but since I’m too cheap to shell out cash for a real Kindle stand, so I made my own. It cost me nothing and took 5 minutes.

Here it is:

Homemade Kindle Stand

As you can see, it’s just a piece of cardboard (one of the top flaps of an Amazon shipping box, actually!) with some clear packing tape there to make sure it holds its shape. Here are a couple more photos:

Homemade Kindle Stand, photo 2


Homemade Kindle Stand, photo 3

Ok, so it looks a little ghetto when the Kindle isn’t on it, but hey, I did just fashion it out of trash. And you can’t tell how ghetto it looks when the Kindle is on it. I actually use it now to store/display my Kindle on my desk. Oh, it also folds up so you can easily stick it in your laptop bag.

So there you go; a homemade Kindle stand for fuh-ree.

  • What do you think — Are you inspired to make or buy one now, or is it just another worthless “thing” to have around?

7 thoughts on “The Free Homemade Kindle Stand”

  1. LOL! Love it! I haven’t yet gotten myself a kindle, but hoping to some time soon, might make a good addition to my Christmas list 😉

    You’ve got yourself a nice blog here Tristan!! Best of luck with it!


    1. Glad you like it, Linda. It’s a little bit on the ghetto side aesthetically, but it’s functional 🙂

      My Kindle is seriously one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I *love* that thing. It’d definitely make a good Christmas present.

      Thanks for the comment and the kind words!

  2. Tristan, you nut! LOL

    I don’t have the Kindle device; I have Kindle for PC on my laptop. Comes with a built-in stand.
    Of course, I wouldn’t dare take it into the kitchen – spaghetti sauce and bologna sandwiches don’t go well with keyboards.

    Good luck with your new blog – and don’t read your Kindle in the shower!



  3. Tristan, I had to lol when I saw it, I too don’t yet have a kindle – its on my wish list!, but I think its a great idea, and very resourceful….!


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