How Many Copies of the Kindle eBook Deal of the Day Get Sold?

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Not too long ago, Amazon announced its wonderful Kindle Deal of the Day (KDoD) special (though I’m still waiting for that free Kindle ebook daily). Each day there’s a different heavily discounted ebook available. Ever wondered how many copies of that daily deal get sold? 

How many would you guess? A couple thousand? Five thousand? Try higher. Much, much higher. According this article in The Atlantic, 14,158 copies of Food, Inc. were sold when it was the Kindle Deal of the Day. That’s a huge number, and it’s even more impressive when you consider that all net sales of the print book to date have been 85,765. Yes, in one single day, the number of ebooks sold was nearly a fifth of the number of books that have been sold, period.

That is the power of ebook pricing.

So is this 14,158 number representative of the average KDoD sales? I’d say that it’s probably a bit higher than average. Food, Inc. is a very well known, Academy Award-nominated documentary. It appeals to a wider segment of the population than, say, a steampunk mystery novel (that’s what yesterday’s KDoD was).

The Kindle Deal of the Day is updated every day at midnight (Pacific time), so be sure to check it out often.

2 thoughts on “How Many Copies of the Kindle eBook Deal of the Day Get Sold?”

  1. Keep an eye on the general free ebook section. Of course many of the top 100 are of public domain, but kindle puts a lot of free books here for a month. Often major (though not superstar) writers. They will offer one of the early books (obviously to entice you to get into later books)

    I have started on 4-5 great new authors from this list.

    1. I do trawl the free ebook section pretty regularly. It’s actually pretty amazing the number of books you can get for free, though there’s way more nonfiction than fiction. And on that note, I read in a forum the other day that someone thought Amazon should have a non-fiction ebook deal of the day and a fiction ebook deal of the day. I’d be all for that (the more the merrier, eh?), but I doubt it’d happen.

      But I *did* buy Keith Richards’ autobiography when it was the deal of the day yesterday. I’m like 2% in but it’s freaking awesome 😀

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