How to Avoid Falling for Fake Amazon Reviews

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In a bid to crack down fake reviews, Amazon imposed a new rule last month – customers are only allowed to submit a maximum of 5 non-Amazon Verified Purchase reviews each week, except for digital and physical books, music and video.

An “Amazon Verified Purchase” review means that the company has verified that the shopper writing the review really purchased the product and didn’t receive it for free or at a deep discount.

However, despite of the new improvements and adjustments made to the guidelines, fake reviews can still be spotted on the site.  That’s why it’s important to learn how to recognize fake reviews and analyze them yourself, with the help of certain tools and techniques.

Here’s how you can spot fake Amazon Reviews:

  • When the review is vague and has general terms that could apply to any other product, chances are it’s not genuine.
  • Fake reviewers are most likely to use excessively positive or negative language. For example, piling on positive adjectives that are too good to be true or leaving extra rude comments with a “different agenda.”
  • If you see an orange “verified purchase” under the reviewer’s name, this indicates that the person bought the item from Amazon and wasn’t given the product for free in exchange for writing a biased review (although it’s still possible).
  • Go to the reviewer’s profile and check their other reviews. If most products are from little-known companies, reviews that are too general and similar to each other or they’ve submitted a bunch of reviews within a short period of time, well that’s very suspicious.
  • Check the reviewer’s avatar. It’s easy to recognize a photo of an “actual person” from a stock photo or a photo grabbed from someone else’s profile. You can also look the person up on Google if it matches an actual human or check the original image source on Tineye.
  • Lastly, to make your life easier, just use the site where it analyzes reviews if they are authentic or not. All you need to do is to copy the URL of the item you want to verify and the site will scan all the reviews and give you an adjusted rating with all potential fake reviews already removed.

Here’s an example of three fake reviews (at least that’s what I think) posted in one day by one person, that are vague, with general positive statements and sounds very “scripted.”

Totally awesome!, December 5, 2016

This review is from: Tristar Products 4 Piece Chef Pan with Glass Lid, Copper (Kitchen)

This pan is Awesome! Steam, fry, bake, roast, isn’t that enough! OMG! Super easy to clean and nothing Sticks! Buy this pan!

Cleans like a dream!, December 5, 2016

This review is from: Neat-Feet Shoe Brush / Boot Scraper (Kitchen)

Works like a dream, really cleans your boots or shoes with little effort. Highly recommend!

I don’t know about you but I find those reviews suspicious.  Anyway, with all the holiday shopping that you will be doing, always be keen enough to spot fake reviews and deals to avoid purchasing items that you’ll end up regretting.