Is Amazon Joining the Real Estate Business?

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Yesterday, while everyone was busy doing their Prime Day Shopping, Amazon quietly rolled out a new page under the Home and Business Services section that led to a number of speculations and gave companies like Zillow and Redfin a mini heart attack. 

Although the page was taken down by Wednesday afternoon, you can see still see the screenshot of that page on GeekWire’s blog post.  On that page, it says “Hire a Realtor near (enter zip code)” and below that, is a “Coming Soon” message.

Hmm, seems like Amazon wants to enter the Real Estate business.  Surprise, surprise!  Not.  As if we still don’t know about Jeff Bezos’ plans of taking over the world?

According to GeekWire, that “preview” already resulted to a stock price slump for Zillow – from $46.15 it went down to $44.54 a share.  All eyes are definitely on Amazon.

You may not be able to hire a realtor from the Amazon site just yet, but you can find house cleaners, local carpenters, electricians, etc., as well as tech gurus to help you with your smart home setup and installation.   Schedule yours now and get a chance to snag a 20% discount.