Is Amazon Working on Its First Wearable Device?

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It seems like Amazon is stepping into the world of “augmented reality,” with reports saying that the e-commerce giant is working on its first ever wearable device – an Alexa-enabled smart glasses.

Smartglasses are computer glasses that may collect information from internal or external sensors.  It may support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS technologies .  As for Amazon’s smart spectacles, The Verge says that it will look like a pair of regular glasses – no screens or cameras, and will use bone-conduction technology, for users to hear Alexa without the need of earphones or speakers.

Amazon hasn’t confirmed this yet but according to The Financial Times, the device may arrive this year.

Meanwhile, here are some of the best smart glasses on today:

Vuzix M100

This pair of nifty glasses provides all features and functions of a modern smartphone without a device on hand.  You can access the internet by connecting to any available Wi-Fi connection or easily pair it with another Android device through its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.  It’s already equipped with its own camera that can capture pictures (5 mp) and record videos (1080p HD), stored directly on its expandable memory.  This is perfect for outdoor activities, travel and for people who are willing to spend almost $800 on a pair of glasses.

Pivothead SMART Architect Edition 

If your aim for getting a smartglasses is for photos and videos, Pivothead has a pair of smart specs that will capture 1080p HD videos and 8-megapixel still images fromyour true point of view.  Connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection to receive notifications, change camera settings or upload footages instantly.  It also has a Live Mod Set, to broadcast your point of view in real time, through your own channel on Pivothead TV.  Unlike Vuzix, you can get this pair for only $299.

Recon Jet Smart Eyewear

For sports and fitness junkies, this smart eyewear (less than $250) also works as a  fitness tracker, which displays maps, live metrics, heart rate, speed, pace, distance, ascent, cadence, power, etc.  It also comes with a point-of-view camera to snap photos and shoot videos.

Snap’s Spectacles 

Now here’s the most affordable pair of smart glasses out of the bunch and one of the Best Smartglasses for 2017 according to

This simple and stylish $130-specs is popular among young millennials.  These glasses connect with Snapchat to take photos and record 10, 20 or 30-second videos and save it to your Snapchat memories, camera roll, or share to other social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.