Is Walmart Trying to Copy Amazon Go?

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Last December, Amazon introduced the world’s most advanced technology – Amazon Go, a store with no check-out lanes and no cashiers.  Yes.  All you need to do is use the Amazon Go app to enter the store, take the products you want and go!  No more waiting in line.

According to The Washington Post, Walmart is also planning to test out this “just walk out” shopping experience with a new technology that would allow customers to make all the necessary transactions through the Walmart app and skip the lines and cashiers.  Just like Amazon’s.

Unlike Amazon, Walmart wants to focus on their Pharmacy Department.  With the changes and updates, customers can just scan a code on their app to notify the pharmacy staff and have their refilled prescriptions ready for pick-up.

“The one thing we haven’t been solving as well as our customers want us to is time inside the pharmacy,” said Paul Beahm, senior vice president of Walmart health and wellness operations.

Walmart’s express lanes will hit a limited number of stores in March and should be available in almost all 4,700 locations by fall.