is Launching a Millennial-Focused Grocery Brand

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Born between 1980 and 2000, the millennial generation right now, is the biggest in US history.  That’s why brands nowadays are coming up with different marketing strategies that will appeal to this generation.  And is the latest e-commerce marketplace to jump in.

On Thursday, announced that the Walmart-owned company will launch “Uniquely J,” their private label brand of grocery and household items gear towards metro millennials.

If you’re wondering how, the brand’s spokeswoman said that Uniquely J will target the values that millennials care about – product sourcing, design and packaging.

The line will feature non-perishable grocery items like coffee, olive oil, snack bags, paper towels, etc. Check out Tech Crunch’s post to get a sneak peek of how edgy and bold their packaging is.

Yeah, because millennials nowadays are all about aesthetics and wellness.  Anything  labeled “organic” with insanely creative and stunning packaging design, they’ll take it!

 “Uniquely J is yet another way is innovating for the metro millennial.  From the boldly designed packaging, to the fun, witty label copy and quality ingredients – everything was designed with this metro consumer in mind,” spokeswoman Meredith Klein said.

Right now, has been the go-to shopping spot for millennials.  In fact, statistics show that the most essential app for 18 to 34-year olds is the Amazon Shopping app.

But competitors will not go down without a fight, especially Walmart.  Since is already acquired by Walmart, we can say that this move is due to Walmart’s hopes of getting some of Amazon’s market share.

Well, let’s just wait and see if this new brand can keep up with Amazon.

NY Post reported that Uniquely J will be officially launched in roughly 60 days – it will be sold exclusively on for the first year then on after a trial period.