Judge Orders Delivery Pilots to End the Strike Just in Time for Black Friday

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On Tuesday, 250 pilots employed by ABX Air that carries cargo for Amazon and DHL Worldwide Express, went on a strike to protest against intentional understaffing and stressful working conditions.  Imagine the holiday horror for Amazon.com and for consumers as well??

Of course, they really chose the “perfect” time of the year to inflict maximum pain.  However, they had to cut it short after the US District Judge Timothy Black in Cincinnati issued a temporary restraining order, as per request of ABX Air, requiring pilots to end the strike and asking them to settle the dispute through other means.

If the strike continued, it could’ve been a major holiday disaster.  The site has already been featuring a bunch of promising Black Friday deals since the beginning of November  and people have been waiting for the day after Thanksgiving for the “best” deals.

I’m pretty sure that the delays and disruptions that could’ve resulted from the  strike would’ve caused Amazon a lot of headaches from angry customers complaining about their orders not received on time.  Bezos and the team have definitely dodged a bullet here.

According to a report on MSN, the pilots are returning to work…  just in time for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  So don’t worry, you’ll get your orders on time!  Well, I hope so.