Kohl’s Will Now Accept Amazon Returns for Free

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Following Kohl’s announcement of its partnership with Amazon, wherein 10 of its select stores across LA and Chicago will dedicate a space to offer shoppers an “Amazon Store Experience,” the department store chain said that it will now pack and ship Amazon returns for you, for free.

The “store-in-store” concept will be selling smart home products and popular Amazon devices, such as Echo, Dot, Fire Tablets, etc. and will be offering a service where customers can request an Amazon employee to come to their homes and install a device.

“We are thrilled to launch this unprecedented and innovative concept, allowing customers to bring in their unpackaged Amazon returns to Kohl’s and we will pack them, ship them, and return them to Amazon for free.  This is a great example of how Kohl’s and Amazon are leveraging each other’s strengths –- the power of Kohl’s store portfolio and omnichannel capabilities combined with the power of Amazon’s reach and loyal customer base,” said Kohl’s Richard Schepp.

Well yeah, because obviously, Kohl’s needs Amazon’s “superpowers” to draw traffic into its stores and reach out to more customers, while Amazon has been looking for ways to grow its physical presence. (As if what they have now is not yet enough…  Jeff Bezos and his quest to take over the world…)