Martha Stewart’s Top Picks for Mother’s Day

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From tried-and-true recipes to home décor tips, DIY crafts to party-planning and so much more, Martha Stewart is surely an expert when it comes to creative living.  If you’re already on a search for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, get some inspiration from Martha’s Handmade Mother’s Day Picks and find one-of-a-kind pieces that will surely put a smile on your mom’s face.

This year, break away from the usual drugstore card and bouquet of flowers; get her something unique, personalized and meaningful to make her feel extra special on Mother’s Day.

Clothespin Photo Collage on Barn Wood

Get her this Barn Wood Display and hang her favorite family photos.  This gift idea is very sentimental and will surely last a lifetime.

Wood Mother’s Day Card 

Make this year’s Mother’s Day Card more special by having your message engraved on laser cut, sustainable wood.  It’s a nice keepsake that she can hang in the living room too.

Hand Stamped Vintage Coffee Spoon 

Remind her of your love every morning by giving her a hand stamped coffee spoon that says “Love You Mom.”  The seller also has an assortment of hand stamped silverware, mugs and cutting boards to choose from.

Reclaimed Wood Planter Boxes 

Flowers are always one of the best gifts for any occasion but why not kick it up a notch this year by putting those flowers in this vertical wood planter?  Once the flowers wither, she can use these boxes for planting new flowers, herbs or succulents.  It can even serve as a rustic storage container for vegetables, garden and kitchen supplies, etc.

The Gatherer 

This is a perfect carry-all bag for when she does her farmer’s market shopping, grocery shopping, small garden harvesting or any kind of over-stuffing.  This bag is made with constructed waxed canvas and has waterproofing abilities and superb durability.

Tub Caddy 

Give her the gift of relaxation by decking out her bath tub – complete with this tub caddy, a steaming cup of tea or her favorite wine, scented candles and her favorite book or magazines.

Floral Monogram Wood Keepsake Box

This gorgeous keepsake box made in walnut wood makes for a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.  Inside the box, you can add more gifts such as your favorite pictures together, cards and jewelry.

Mother-Daughter Necklace Set 

Speaking of jewelries, it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.  For less than $50, this set already includes 2 lovely necklaces – a large pendant for mom and a small one for you.  It’s a dainty and stunning symbol of your mother-daughter relationship that sits close to your heart.