More Hidden Alexa Features You Should Know About

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Alexa, Amazon’s voice-powered virtual assistant, is getting smarter and more capable every day that’s why more and more people own at least one Alexa-enabled device in their homes, nowadays. 

According to the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), there are now 8.2 million owners of the Amazon Echo, since its debut 2 years ago.  And the Echo Dot was Prime Day 2017’s most popular product.

Can’t blame the shoppers though – these Alexa-enabled devices are pretty cool and useful.  But with 10,000 skills, I’m pretty sure you haven’t tried and even discovered them all.

Most skills are obvious and useful, while some aren’t.  So together, let’s unearth more awesome and hidden gems to make the most out of your Alexa device.

Alexa can lull you to sleep.

Well, technically, Alexa will search for third-party skills that can play ambient noise to help you sleep.  Just say, “Alexa, help me sleep” and she will give you options like bird noises or rain sounds for you to choose from.

Alexa will help you make decisions.

For decisions that require a simple yes and no answer, just say, “Alexa, flip a coin.”  For more complex decisions, you can ask Alexa to Roll a Dice or Pick a number.  For example, “Alexa, roll a die” or “Alexa, pick a number between 1 and 10.”

Alexa can send information from your Echo to your Fire Tablet for display.

Among all Alexa-enabled devices, only the Echo Show is able to support videos, video calls and screen display, since it’s built with a 7” touchscreen.  But don’t worry because you can also send information to your tablet and see the results of your command on-screen without owning one, as long as you have a Fire Tablet.

Through Voicecast, you can display your calendar and to-do lists, show clocks, timers and the 7-day forecast screen, pull up recent game scores, and so much more more.

Alexa can tune your instrument.

Call out individual notes or use third-party skills to tune your instrument.  No need to buy instrument tuning devices or deal with an out of tune instrument.

Alexa can help you find your missing phone.

According to an article published by CNET, there are three ways to locate your missing phone.  First, by using the TrackR skill, which you need to set-up and enable through the Amazon Alexa app.  Next, is through an IFTTT account that you need to connect and activate on  Lastly, ask Alexa to play a song from your phone.  Read here for more detailed instructions.