New: Title-Specific Kindle Gift Cards

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Amazon is now giving E-book gift cards a try.  Although it hasn’t been formally announced yet, they confirmed the news on the site’s Help & Customer Service page.

As of today, Kindle Cards are only available in selected Bartell Drugs locations across the Washington state.  Amazon recommends contacting the site first and verifying the availability before heading to the store. If the test run is a success, there’s no doubt they will be everywhere before long.

Unlike other e-book gift cards, these Kindle Cards are sold in specific titles which include 20 Kindle Bestsellers.  If you are worried about receiving this as a gift and not liking the book that you got, then don’t worry because you can exchange it in for a regular credit!

In my opinion, that last bit is probably the one thing that keeps title-specific gift cards from being a total dud. But, as I have admitted before, if I were as smart as Jeff Bezos, I’d be a billionaire, too.