Monitor Your Home with the Cloud Cam and Echo Show (Save $50!)

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Together with the official launch of the controversial Amazon Key, was the introduction of the Cloud Cam, Amazon’s first ever security camera that works with Alexa.  Although it was advertised to work with the Amazon Key to allow “in home” deliveries, which earned a lot of criticisms, the Cloud Cam is useful on its own or paired with your Echo Show or Echo Spot.

For a limited time, you can get $50 off if you purchase Continue reading Monitor Your Home with the Cloud Cam and Echo Show (Save $50!)

Non-Traditional Advent Calendars for Kids & Kids at Heart

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Well, Advent Calendars have changed a lot over the years.  Back then, it was just a simple paper calendar with windows containing bite-sized chocolates or candies.

You don’t really need an Advent Calendar to know that Christmas is coming, but isn’t it exciting to get daily treats as you count the days leading up to Christmas day?  Now that it’s 2017, it’s time to swap the traditional Advent Calendar to a more unusual kind like the ones below: Continue reading Non-Traditional Advent Calendars for Kids & Kids at Heart

Echo Buttons are Now Available for Pre-Order (Just in time for the holidays!)

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Last September, Amazon launched six new Alexa-enabled products at a surprise event held in its Seattle headquarters.  All new devices became available for pre-order right away except for one – the Echo Buttons.

But now, these much-awaited party-ready Echo Buttons are already up Continue reading Echo Buttons are Now Available for Pre-Order (Just in time for the holidays!)

Here comes Black Friday. Again.

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A few years ago, the big buzz was all about “Cyber Monday.” Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention, but I have not heard a single mention of Cyber Monday this year. Last year, I recall hearing “Black November” a couple of times, but not much on Cyber Monday. Looks to me that the online sellers (including Amazon) have decided that Black Friday (and its derivatives) now belong to them.

They may be right. Black Friday at local retailers lost its appeal to me several years ago, when I decided I would go to the Fry’s in Plano, TX in the wee hours of Friday morning.  After surveying the situation there, Mrs. Amazopia and I decided not to factor ourselves in with the epsilon-minuses, and headed home. (See the linked story for a more graphic description of the event.)

Interestingly, there was a CompUSA that wasn’t covered over with aggressive bargain-seekers (could be related to the reasons CompUSA had gone bankrupt), so we stopped and did some shopping there — and got some substantially-discounted iMacs which we still have.

But we have never repeated the effort to participate in Black Friday locally.

There was that time we were in Dallas visiting family on Thanksgiving, and decided to go to Walmart for something — and discovered that they were about to start a Black Friday sale at 6pm on Thanksgiving day. We high-tailed it out of there, and just did without whatever it was that we intended to buy.

This year, it is expected that online shopping will outpace local shopping by a wide margin, for the first time. I don’t doubt it.

Again, this year we will be observing Black Friday by avoiding the crowds at the local retailers. Maybe getting some stuff online…


Discounted Thanksgiving Turkeys for Prime Members

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Last week, Amazon and Whole Foods announced lower prices on popular buys and holiday food staples, including canned pumpkins, organic sweet potatoes, salad mixes, skinless chicken breasts and of course, Thanksgiving’s main star – the turkey. Continue reading Discounted Thanksgiving Turkeys for Prime Members

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