Photobucket Faces Social Media Backlash from Furious Online Sellers and Bloggers

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Photobucket, an American image and video hosting online community, has been letting users upload and host images for free since 2003.  But a recent change in its terms of service broke billions of photos across the web, including those on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other personal sites, causing a social media backlash and users deleting their accounts.

All photos are “safe” but are held on “ransom.”   In order to restore 3rd party hosting, users have to upgrade their accounts to the “Plus 500 Plan” that costs $399.99/year!

Here are a few tweets from angry users:


With Photobucket making this major change, there’s a high chance for other free hosting sites to follow and charge fees for their services as well.  Hmm… just goes to show that relying on these free services sure comes with a risk.