Prime Day Begins. Sort Of.

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Amazon was all “primed” to start Prime Day… 3… 2… 1…

Wait, what was that??

Reports started coming in from all over the world — but mostly from the US — that people could not get to the Amazon site. Twitter was practically boiling over with complaints that folks could not connect, some reporting that they tried with several different machines and mobile devices.

The initial outage lasted a little less than an hour. I wonder how many billions of dollars that cost.

The Amazon site appears to be up now. At least, it is here. But the “glitches” (as Amazon put it) may put a major dent in the expected sales. That is primarily because the structure for Prime Day Deals is that every deal gets a specific time slot.  If you can’t reach the site during the time slot of the deal you wanted, you lose out.

But wait, there’s more…

Nearly 1,800 Amazon workers, mostly in Spain (oh, boy, let’s spread the pain around, shall we?) decided to go on strike just as Prime Day was getting under way. They are complaining about bad working conditions  and low pay. They are also complaining about lousy health benefits, although I was under the impression that the EU has socialized (er, free?) healthcare.

I think their main issue is that Bezos expects them to actually work hard, and that apparently doesn’t go over very well in Spain.

Usually, strikes against Amazon occur just before a holiday period, in order to inflict maximum pain on everyone concerned. But now, looks like Amazon workers have found yet another pain point.  And that new pain point might even be more sensitive than Christmas.

But wait, there’s more…

Just to make things even more interesting, a number of other retailers worldwide have announced their own “Prime Day” sales. For instance, Target is offering some some substantial discounts on a wide variety of sale items. And free ships on orders over $35.

Even some lesser-known merchants are going off on a “Prime” tangent. For instance, Prima Music (I subscribe to their newsletter because I’m a musician) is having “Prima Day.”  Complete with a logo that looks close enough to Amazon’s to risk getting sued.

Okay, groan. BTW, I don’t think that Prima has an affiliate program, but if you are a musician, I would recommend them to you anyway. I just hope Amazon doesn’t decide to sue them…