Prime Day Starts Monday

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Specifically, Prime Day starts at noon Pacific time, or 3pm EDT. If you are a prime member, you have probably been deluged with email ads already. I certainly have. Surprisingly, most of the “deals” I’ve seen so far are for things that don’t really interest me.

I say, “surprisingly,” since Amazon is known for its ability to cross-reference nearly everything about you in order to more accurately target their ads.

But here’s a sample of some of the things they have pitched to me this week. Now, maybe I’m just weird or something — and some of these items might tickle your fancy, just not mine.

Almond Milk

I am just not a fan of almond milk, although I have used it in coffee when real heavy cream wasn’t available.

It’s a little better tasting (and possibly healthier) than either milk or non-dairy creamer (which is mostly sugar). But I almost always keep real cream in my ‘fridge.

Click N’ Play Bath Foam Letters

Ok, this one might interest me, but only because I have grandkids. Although I do like to soak in my tub, these don’t appeal directly to me, since I’m an empty-nester.

Samson Earset Microphone

Ah, here’s one that is a little bit closer to something that would interest me, since I occasionally do tele-presentations. However, I already have a good, comfortable USB headset with boom mic that works just fine. If I were doing stage presentations, I might spring for this ($65, down from $100) just for the sake of appearance.

Wait, What? A Remote Control… For Your Dog?

Here’s one that might interest me… If I had a dog. I like dogs. But since my lifestyle doesn’t really lend itself well to the proper care of a dog, I don’t have one.

Ok, there’s nothing wrong with any of these deals. They just don’t appeal to me. I hope that when the Prime Day deals start for real tomorrow, that they do a better job of targeting.

OTOH, you might be interested in one or more of these items.