Save Up to 90% on Textbooks!

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One of the biggest expenses in college (besides tuition of course) would have to be on textbooks.  Luckily, there are many ways to save money in this category.

Thanks to Amazon Textbooks Store, renting, buying and trading used and new textbooks can be done anytime, anywhere, without ever leaving the comfort of your own bed. Buying cheap textbooks from Amazon is just like any other shopping experience.  Just enter the ISBN on the search bar and save up to 90% on rental, new, used and digital textbooks.

For Textbook Rentals, you are allowed to rent a specific book for a semester, with an option to extend your rental period or buy the book.

Just select the RENT button on the product page of the textbook that you need, click RENT NOW and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your rental.

To learn more about Textbook Rentals, click HERE

Some universities nowadays, allow e-book usage, which is a lot cheaper than printed copies.  Aside from physical textbooks, you also have the option to rent and buy Kindle content.

To purchase, rent or deliver content to your Fire or Kindle devices, visit this page for Kindle Content Support.  

Now if you want to make money out of your old textbooks, you have to create a Seller Account in order list your items on the site.  Another option would be the Trade In Program where you can trade your old books to an Amazon Gift Card which you can use to purchase and rent new/used digital and physical textbooks.

Amazon has a wide selection for all you textbook needs.  From biology to chemistry, nursing to engineering, basically any subject there is.

Yes, college can be expensive, so you have to be smart enough to  maximize what you have and look for ways to save more.