Search Amazon from Your Chrome Browser (This is Rad)

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I find myself doing a lot of searching on Amazon. I search for albums to see what songs are on them. I search for products to do price comparisons versus my local stores. I search to see if a book comes in Kindle format. You get the idea.

This little Chrome hack saves me time every time I want to search for something on Amazon.

For those who don’t know, Google Chrome is a web browser, like Firefox or Internet Explorer. It’s the best browser, so you should be using it if you’re not. Chrome users likely already know that you can perform a Google search by simply typing your search query into the browser’s address bar and hitting enter. But you can search Amazon using the address bar directly.

Just type in “” like you normally would, but hit the tab button instead of enter. It’ll look like this:

Search Amazon from Chrome

Then simply type in what you’re searching for, hit enter, and you’ll be taken to the search results page.

Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t work for or or any of the other Amazon sites I could think of. Bummer. The trick DOES, however, work a number of other larger sites and search engines. Instead of, you can type in something and hit tab and then search You can also use it to search via other search engines, so you can type in or and then tab, then your keywords, then enter, and it’ll search those search engines for those terms.

Pretty neat trick, eh?

5 thoughts on “Search Amazon from Your Chrome Browser (This is Rad)”

  1. Interesting. It will take me some time to get used to hitting tab, instead of enter – but I love Chrome and actually was at Amazon searching before I got your email about your new blog. Will definitely try to remember this trick. Thanks for sharing!


      1. doesnt work for me as described above, either (i’m on OSX 10.6.7)

        BUT…it is irrelevant. The true magic of google chrome is in its ability to let YOU–the user manually define which sites you’d like this functionality from, choosing your own shorthand to call the search.

        to wit:

        click the wrench icon at the end of the omnibox (google-speak for the URL address bar) and choose preferences.
        click on the ‘manage search engines’ button under the ‘search’ heading
        now (for example) type in in the ‘add a new search engine’ field
        type in ‘maps’ in the keyword field
        (here’s the magic) type in: ‘’ (without the quotes) in the URL query field.

        Open a new browser window/tab and type ‘maps’ (without the quotes) in the omnibox + a space. when you hit the space you’ll see the word ‘maps’ turn in to ‘search’. now enter an address and the results of the search is a google map of the query entered.

        Awesome, eh?

        works for google images, or any other website that supports a search field natively.


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