Send to Kindle, raising Apollo 11 engines, nudity in advertising, and more…

Send to Kindle

Hey, did you see the new button on the site? Yes, THAT one, right above this paragraph!  Now, I don’t know whether Amazon is reacting to Google’s impending shut-down of Google Reader, or if they have other reasons, but they have developed a plugin that will send any blogpost to Kindle, if the blog writer installs it. Well, I wasted no time adding that plugin, because I want you to be able to read Amazopia wherever you go. Digital Book World has the details.

By now you’ve probably heard that Jeff Bezos has been fishing this week…and what a catch! He and his expedition recovered two rocket engines from the bottom of the Atlantic that were a huge part of Apollo 11’s trip to the moon in 1969. For those of you who were not born yet, believe me when I tell you: it was an exciting trip. See details and photos at Mashable.

In the U.K., Amazon has apparently committed a serious faux pas, according to the Advertising Standards Authority, for showing a nude depiction in their advertising of a Christmas card. Amazon says the listings for the cards aren’t ads, but the authority wasn’t impressed with Amazon’s statement.  The ruling stands. Read the details (sans the nudity) at This isn’t great news for Amazon, especially after the uproar that ensued after it issued the “Keep Calm and Rape a Lot” Tee shirts they somehow managed to blunder their way into.  While the intent behind the Tees was entirely benign, the message was a result of “automation growing pains.” Details of that debacle at

And finally, a good word for Amazon, and thanks from the ebook authors who wait entirely too long for their royalty payments. Until now, many authors had to wait for payments, which were only issued quarterly, but now the payments will go out on a monthly schedule within 60 days of the end of each month. Not great, if you are a starving writer, but better than quarterly. EReader news explains the details.