Size matters? monthly Prime payment, Amazon’s trade-in program, and more

Send to Kindle

Amazon, as always, has interesting stuff going on today, even though most people are focused on the election…and we’re off and running with today’s news!

Firefox has a new plugin called “Send to Kindle” that will allow you to clip a webpage and email it to your special Kindle email address.   Almost as good as Evernote, though **nothing** is as good as Evernote, to my mind. However, Kindle does have its own appeal to many readers (but as a webreader?). The Digital Reader has all the latest on this front.

Digital Book World analyzes the proposed merger between Random House and Penguin, which is trying to keep Amazon from dominating the publishing industry as it has for the past several years.  But according to DBW, the issue isn’t size but controlling access to the ultimate consumer.  Learn the rest of the analysis at Digital Book World.

This is one I wasn’t expecting:  There’s a new $7.99 per month subscription option for Amazon Prime!  The reason I am surprised is that Prime is so popular I’d think Amazon would feel comfortable in continuing with the yearly fee.  Although I don’t have all the details yet, it looks like even if you sign up for the monthly option, it auto-renews for a year, anyway.  So, the price is higher but you don’t have to pony up as much money at one time.  You still have a free month to decide, but the fee is ongoing.  More analysis of the entire deal at

Not sure I’d have said it in the same way, but honestly, my sentiment about Amazon’s Trade-In Program isn’t far from The Digital Reader’s.   My first reaction was:  are you guys nuts?  I suppose some people go for it, but really, these offers are ridiculously low.  Really, you want me to buy an item for $100 and trade it back in for a dime (that’s just an example, but not far off the mark).  Much better to just SELL the darn thing on  Amazon.  You can usually get a lot more for it that way!

Well, I guess that’s why I write almost daily about Amazon.  It never ceases to amaze!  See ya in a day or so!  Hope the election results are pleasing to you – whatever they are 🙂