The 8 Accessories Every Beer-Lover Needs In Their Life

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Football season is here and that means more reasons to drink beer!

Whether you’ll be braving the crowds at the stadium or watching the games at home, a beer in hand is definitely a staple.  In honor of football season and all beer-lovers out there, I dedicate to you today’s blog post.

From mini beerpongs to unique barwares, beer pagers to Bluetooth beer holders, I’ve rounded up a list of the niftiest and most clever beer accessories that’ll make those football nights even more enjoyable.

1. Countertop Beer Dispenser

If you don’t have a space for a kegerator, a countertop beer dispenser is your best bet.  This Mini Kegerator & Dispenser from SPT and The Sub’s Beer Dispenser will keep your craft beer fresh, cold and carbonated.  With their sleek and industrial designs, both are very aesthetically pleasing – I’m sure your significant others won’t even complain having a beer dispenser inside your house.

2. Insulated Growler

Keep your beer cold and crisp all day with the Legendary Stanley Vacuum Insulated Growler.  It’s naturally BPA-free, 8/8 stainless steel – the inner lid is steel so there’s no plastic contact for your beer.  Only the best for a true beer aficionado!

3. USB Beer Chiller

A must-have computer accessory for beer drinkers – The Cool It USB Beverage Chiller.  No need for a power source.  Just plug your chiller into any USB port like your laptop or power bank to keep your beverage perfectly chilled anytime of the day.  Just don’t get carried away during the game – watch out for beer spills!

4. Beer Mug with Beer Opener

Make beer drinking much easier with this drinking glass that already comes with a bottle opener at the bottom.



5. Mini Beer Pong

How about a game of beer pong in between?  It’s compact, portable and ready to go wherever and whenever!



6. Bluetooth Beer Holder

Cold beer and good music go hand in hand so why not get yourself a Bluetooth beer holder have your beer AND your favorite jams “in hand” wherever you go.


7. Beer Pager

Things can get really rowdy during those back to back tailgate parties so make sure to  never misplace your beer again when the with this beer pager that you can control via a chain-sized remote control.


8. Beer Mit

Lastly, we have the Suzy Kuzy Beer Mitt and Boozy Kuzy Beer Gloves to keep your hands warm and your beverage cold.