The Amazing Instant Pot

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Instant Pot
Instant Pot

One of the hottest-selling (pun intended) items during the big Amazon sale last month was the Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi-Function Pressure Cooker. I hate to admit this (since I’m supposed to be “in the know” about Amazon stuff), but we bought one of these units before it went on sale, and paid even more than the current $120 price.

But we still think it was a great deal.

Mrs. Amazopia is actually thinking about getting another one, so that she can run two of them at the same time. You see, it’s not just another pressure cooker, it is a truly amazing multi-functional cooker.

I thought initially that it was just going to be a fad, and my dear Mrs. Amazopia would soon get tired of playing with it. But then she found several Facebook Pages on this unit, and started trying some of the recipes. There are even two (that I know of, anyway) FB pages on Low Carb cooking, so I have been the (happy) beneficiary of her enthusiasm for trying out new recipes. And absolutely all of them have turned out really good (ok, she really is a great cook anyway).

Just search on “Instant Pot” in Facebook, and you will get a feel for just how big a sensation this thing is.

In addition to regular pressure cooking (3-minute green beans without the microwave taste!), it will work as a slow cooker, a steamer, and it even has a yogurt-making setting (which, so far, has turned out every batch perfectly). I think the only setting she has not yet used is the rice-cooker, since the Amazopia household is Low-Carb.

The main attraction of this unit is that it doesn’t heat up the kitchen, which is probably the source of its current popularity. However, the sheer flexibility of this machine is likely to keep it busy in our household year-round, and not just for the summer down here in the south.

InstantPot1And, BTW, Mrs. Amazopia has (of course) put some of her own special touches on her Instant Pot: In the photo, notice the cute bunny decal (*) she put on the side. When I dared suggest that was a bit silly, she threatened to quit using it to cook anything for me, and sensing that it was definitely time to shut up, I did so.

If you look carefully at the upper rim, you will see a small light-colored triangle. Mrs. Amazopia painted that because the alignment markings on the pot were a bit hard to see. There is a matching triangle on the lid (not shown).

(*) The bunny decal was from a listing on Etsy. They have a large selection of products.  Also they have color variations of nearly everything.  The bunny was originally glossy white and Mrs Amazopia requested black… and the folks there made her a custom order. We don’t have an affiliate relationship with them; we are just sharing because we like them and the way they do business!