The Amazon Treasure Truck is Rolling Out to More Cities

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In a quest to push its e-commerce engine further into the physical world, Amazon continues to expand its brick-and-mortar stores (Amazon Books & Amazon Pop-Up) and test out different in-store concepts such as the AmazonFresh Pick-up, Amazon Go and the Treasure Truck, to name a few.

Treasure Truck, which was first launched in January this year, is basically a grown up version of an Ice Cream truck.  But instead of frozen treats, the truck is loaded with discounted Amazon finds from trending tech to kitchen must-haves, outdoor favorites to even those hard-to-find gourmet food items fresh from local producers.

How it works:

What was initially just rolling around Seattle area is now driving up to more secret destinations.  Yes, secret because the company has not yet announced which cities they are coming to next.

But in the meantime, you can text “TRUCK” to 24193 to receive notifications when the Treasure Truck’s coming to your city and get alerts about its amazing new offers!