The Newest Nest Thermostat E is Back in Stock after Being Sold Out on

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Nest Learning Thermostat‘s cheaper, sleeker and much cuter (in my opinion) little sibling is back in stock after being sold out almost INSTANTLY on the Amazon site.

For only $169, you get all the important and useful features of the almost $250-Third Generation Nest Learning Thermostat.  The only difference is the display – Nest 3.0 has a high-res display and Farsight feature that shows you the time, temperature/weather from across the room and a metal ring that comes in different colors, while Nest E only comes in a white plastic ring and has a frosted display that only shows indoor temperature.

But other than that, both devices work with Alexa and Google Assistant, can be controlled from your phone or tablet and has proven energy-saving features, which I’m sure is the main reason why anyone would want to own a smart thermostat.

Just like its older sibling, the Nest Thermostat E can also learn your schedule, turn itself down after you leave and is very easy to install as well.

So if you want a more wallet-friendly smart learning thermostat, the Nest Thermostat E is definitely a steal.  Hurry before it gets sold out again!