There’s a New Concept for Amazon Books

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Amazon’s new concept for their next brick-and-mortar bookstore will surely excite the book-and-coffee-lovers out there.

Amazon Books is a physical extension of  Thousands of books are available in store based on customer ratings on the e-commerce site, pre-orders, sales, curators’ assessments and popularity on Goodreads.  Unlike other bookstores, you’ll find a review card with the customer rating and a review under each book.  As a book-lover myself, I find this very helpful.

Aside from books, you can also find all Amazon devices in store such as the Echo, Kindle, Fire tablet and Fire TV that you can test drive before making the purchase.  Associates are also there to answer your queries and show each device in action.  You can even order it on the store itself and have it delivered to your doorstep (Why you would want to this though?  Especially if you’re not a Prime Member.).

But their newest concept will not just be a retail store for books and Amazon Devices.  According to a report in East Bay Times, Amazon is planning to include a Café in their next physical bookstore.  The bookstore slash café will offer prime window seating for customers to enjoy their book-and-coffee pairing near the front corner of the glass-fronted store.

Although this “Bookshop Café” concept isn’t actually “new,” it still sounds pretty exciting.

The project is still undergoing a city review so we still need to wait a bit before the first store actually hits a high-end outdoor mall in Wallcreek, California.