Tired of Sandy? Read about the other force of nature: Amazon!

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Today’s been a very busy morning for weather forecasters and rescuers.  I certainly do hope that no rescuers get hurt in the process of saving people who thought they’d brave it out, but I also know there are some people who truly need help and may even have not been able to get out in time.  And while I would certainly never wish for a deadly storm to distract people from the political race, I’ll have to admit I would rather read about the weather than about politics.  My best wishes to everyone in the path of the storm.  Be safe!

In a very bold move, Amazon positions itself very blatantly against the iPad Mini on its home page, with “Much More for Much Less” as the opening volley.  It’ll be interesting to see how iPad responds to this challenge against its price, its display, its speakers and its ability to stream HD movies.  To my mind, it’s a huge challenge, and for those who aren’t over-awed by Apple’s “cachet,” the entire advertisement is quite persuasive! To me, it’s a no-brainer, but I have never cared for Apple products.  Yes, I HAVE tried them, and I am certain they are very good products, but my brain just doesn’t work in that way.

Looks like Penguin and Random House have joined forces to make a strong joint effort to get a toehold over the global digital and ebook markets.  It should be interesting to see how this combination will affect their distribution of digital products through Amazon and the other biggies, like Apple and Google.  Paid Content.org talks about it at the link.

A new lawsuit filed by Amazon against Google is going to put the two giant web services head-to-head, according to Gigaom.com.  Daniel Powers, who left Amazon after signing an 18-month  non-compete agreement, went to work at Google within only four months, and Amazon’s not happy about that!  Gigaom has a link to the actual  filing, if you want all the details.

And in another Amazon-Google competitive front, Google’s working toward deploying their self-driving vehicles to enable same-day delivery.  I am not a fan of that idea.  While same delivery is appealing on the outset, I wonder just how safe those vehicles are going to be.  I also wonder what sort of regulatory oversight is going to be deployed to make it okay for driverless vehicles to hit the streets?

Finally, Amazon sellers were greeted with an email today, reminding them it might be a good idea to put their products on hold if there’s any possibility they will not be able to fulfill their shipping obligation in a timely fashion.   Fulfillment By Amazon sellers will have the entire system handled by Amazon, of course, one of the excellent perks of being an FBA seller at Amazon.