Top 6 STEM Summer Picks

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Yesterday, we talked about Amazon’s brand new STEM Summer Camp, where kids ages 9 to 12 get to experience being “Amazonians for the day” and interact with Amazonians who will share experiences about their careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  This is part of Amazon’s goal to help the youth feel inspired and empowered to pioneer in their chosen fields in the future.  But aside from summer camp, the e-commerce site also offers numerous STEM toys to help kids learn while having fun.

This summer break, make sure that they won’t stop learning and acquiring new skills through these  STEM Summer Picks from Amazon’s Summer Toy List for 2017.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Bugnoculars 

Summer is the perfect time to spend outdoors.  Let your kids explore and discover more about nature and the outdoors through this Bugnoculars that encourage Observation, Exploration and Critical Thinking.  The toy comes with a kid-friendly container that features magnification eyepieces on the lid and magnification lenses on the sides to catch and observe critters, leaves, flowers, etc.

National Geographic Dual Microscope Science Lab 

For an in-depth view of bugs, leaves, moss and whatever they’ve collected, get your little scientists their very own microscopes.  It comes with guides and over 50 accessories to teach them how to conduct experiments, distinguish different cell types and a lot more.

Lunar Telescope for Kids 

Summer is also the time for night camping and stargazing.  This easy-to-use telescope will definitely make your kids enjoy their summer nights more as they explore the moon and its craters and learn about astronomy.

Kano Computer 

Sure, kids love to be in their computers and other devices all day now that school’s out.  But how about switching things a little bit?  Get your kids learn how to CREATE technology instead of just using it through this Kano Computer Kit – a game that introduces young individuals to basic programming  through fun coding challenges.

Kids First Automobile Engineer Kit

Now here’s a toy to give your preschoolers a head start on learning about physics, engineering and other important STEM related skills.  The kit includes a beautifully written storybook manual about 2 characters on a fun engineering adventure.  As your child follows the story, your little engineer can also build models of the 10 vehicles in the story using the pieces that are included in the kit.

Sum Swamp Game

Make Math learning with this game that will help children develop fluency in early math skills and make numbers less intimidating for them.



Amazon also offers a STEM Club Subscription that sends you handpicked, high-quality age-appropriate STEM toys straight to your doorstep every month for only $19.99.  If you find that interesting, make sure to check that out.