Voice-Enable Your Offices with Amazon’s Newest Service – Alexa for Business

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After being a staple in almost everyone’s households, Alexa is ready to invade the offices too.

Amazon just unveiled Alexa for Business, a new service that will make tasks easier for those in the corporate world.

“Tens of millions of people already count on Alexa at home, in their cars, and on mobile devices to answer questions, provide news and information, and stay connected to friends and family.  Alexa for Business extends the simplicity of voice control to the workplace, while adding powerful tools to help businesses deploy and manage devices, create skills, and deliver voice-first experiences in a scalable way—all backed by the AWS Cloud,” said Peter Hill, Director, Productivity Applications, AWS. “

Alexa for Business aims to increase productivity and efficiency by decreasing employees’ workload.  Alexa will be able to do common everyday tasks such as starting conference calls, controlling conference room equipment, scheduling meetings, reordering supplies, reporting building problems or providing directions to people’s offices.

Users will also be able to create new private skills through the Alexa Skills Kit and the Alexa for Business APIs, which will be integrated with their company’s IT applications and office systems.

As of this writing, big companies such as Capital One, Brooks Brothers, WeWork, Salesforce, Concur, Polycom and Vonage are have already integrated Alexa in their businesses.