Walmart Teams Up with Uber to Expand its Online Grocery Service

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Tomorrow, stockholders of Whole Foods are expected to approve the $13.7 billion agreement with Amazon to purchase their entire company.  When this takeover is completed, the retail giant will now have access to all Whole Foods stores, which can also be distribution points for its online grocery service, AmazonFresh.

As the competition rises, Walmart is not going down without a fight.  On Monday, Walmart announced its partnership with transport company, Uber, to expand its grocery delivery service to Dallas and Orlando, Florida.

“We’re all about finding new ways for you to check ‘grocery shopping’ off your list a little faster – including making home delivery an option.  Hopefully, this expanded offering, and more like it, will speed up the shopping experience and give you back something just as precious as money – time,” Mike Turner, Walmart’s vice president of e-commerce operations.

According to Turner’s post on Walmart’s official blog, the company started testing this grocery delivery service last year in which the positive response from customers prompted this expansion.

While this may be somewhat new for Walmart, Amazon has already been offering doorstep grocery deliveries since 2007, which began as an invitation-only beta test in Mercer Island, Washington.

The delivery fee doesn’t show up on Walmart’s page but an article on Washington Post states that each delivery costs $9.95.

The AmazonFresh on the other hand, is an exclusive service Prime members in select cities, for an additional monthly fee of $14.99 on top of your annual Prime membership fee of $99/year.

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