Who is Amazon Going to Buy Next? And Other AZ Happenings

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Amazon was recently in the news for the buyout of Goodreads. But Goodreads is the 42nd company to be absorbed into Amazon since it started in 1998. Over in Software Advice, David K. Wolpert has written a very interesting article with some speculations on 8 different possible buy-out targets that might attract Amazon’s attention, and gives some detailed reasoning for each of those possibilities. He also invites readers to participate in a poll naming the buy-out target you consider most likely (including “other” in case you disagree with his list of 8). By the way, at least one prominent blogger has dissed Mr. Wolpert’s research. I think it’s a bit difficult to forecast things like that, but it’s fun (and probably harmless) to speculate.

Wednesday, US District Judge Denise Cote ruled that Apple “brilliantly” organized a conspiracy to raise prices and thwart competition — mainly aimed at Amazon. Naturally, Apple will appeal, so don’t expect much change in e-book marketing anytime soon. Not to second-guess the court, but I think Judge Cote got it right. However, Apple has enough money to fight and drag this out for while. It’s not really clear why they would want to, though. The whole thing is more of a PR embarrassment than anything else. It seems to me that they should give up, write the necessary check, and let the whole thing blow over as quickly as possible. The consensus of the legal beagles watching the case is that Apple has very little chance of winning.

Meanwhile, Apple has dropped an unrelated lawsuit against Amazon. Back in 2011, Apple sued Amazon over the use of the term “App Store.” Now, the two companies have suddenly settled out of court. My guess is that “App Store” has now joined the ranks of “Escalator,” “Kleenex,” and several other trademarks that got so popular that they became un-trademark-able. The folks in the accounting department probably told upper management that they were pushing on a rope.

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