Will AZ Stock go up or Down? Yes. Probably.

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The political/financial blogger with the ugly outdated WP theme is back again, predicting the stock price crash of Amazon. So naturally, shares of AMZN have gone… well, up and down a little. He’s still predicting an AMZN crash, and he might even be right. Or not. Could it be that Amazon is just plowing its earnings back into growth? Or investors expect all those new Amazon initiatives to pay off handsomely someday. If I really understood all that, I’d probably be rich. Like Jeff Bezos.

Meanwhile, over at Digital Reader, they are claiming to know the code names for the new Amazon tablets: Soho, Thor, and Apollo. Those were supposedly deliberately “leaked” by Amazon.

In the non-story of the week, GigaOm hints that it might be illegal to take your rented digital textbooks across state lines. Really? GigaOm author must have stayed up really late coming up with that one.

If you need a good laugh, Amazon has published a list of the funniest fake reviews. My favorite entry in that list is AutoExec 13000 Automobile Steering Wheel Attachable Work Surface. I had to quit reading after about 10 of them because my sides hurt too bad to continue.