You Can Now Ask Alexa to Manage your Prime Photos

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If you are someone who loves to capture every moment on cam, whether during travels, special occasions, or even on random days, I know that your phone and computer’s storage gets filled up really fast, and I can imagine how difficult it is to manage and organize these tons of photos accumulated over the years.

Thanks to the power of the internet, we can now easily store unlimited data, including photos, in remote servers, that we can access from any device, anytime and anywhere we want.

Some of these services come for free, while others are paid subscriptions.

One of the many benefits of being a Prime Member on Amazon is free access to Prime Photos, in which users get free unlimited photo storage and 5 GB of storage for videos, documents and other files.  Prime Members can even set up a “Family Vault,” where you can add up to 5 additional people and set up a photo collection archive so the 6 of you can access and contribute photos/videos in one place.

With the Prime Photos app, you can upload and access your photos, videos and other files directly from your device, no need to transfer it your desktop or laptop.

Aside from these, a new feature was added to Prime Photos, which lets you manage, organize and view your photos with just your voice.

This week, Alexa support was added to Prime Photos on Fire TV and Echo Show.  You can ask Alexa to display photos from a specific album, a certain date, a particular location, etc.  Prime Photos even has a facial recognition feature, so you can actually command Alexa to show you photos of a specific person.

You can basically turn your Fire TV or Echo Show into a digital photo frame – just say, “Alexa, play a slide show,” “Alexa, show my Wedding Photos Album,” etc.

Prime Photos is a Prime exclusive perk so make sure to subscribe to Prime if you haven’t yet.